The Red Cup Issue

So this issue over The red cup issue is overrated. It’s the beginning of November, and these Christains are bitching about Christmas Cups. From Starbucks. One thing: No person, or company, should be forced to celebrate the same things you do, nor in the same fashion. And it’s freaking November for Christ’s sake. For most “Christians” these days, you’re gonna get butt-freaking-hurt over a mothereffing cup, and have the nerve to say “don’t get butthurt over the fact that I still want the Christ in Christmas”? Sure, I shouldn’t be so irritated with you people, while there’s a war on ISIS, and we’re doing NOTHING about it, while “the big bad dictator” of Russia is finally doing something, and yes, America, we are stupid for letting it go this far, and yes, Go Putin. Sure, there’s things wrong with other religions, but being raised to believe that I was supposed to be good to others, and look past their sins, as a Christian, this petty behavior has caused me to hate you pea-sized brain people. You guys are so closed minded, and the fact that just because you people go overseas, to fund missions, in regards to helping those in need (for whatever reason), and buy your $5 cups of coffee, THERE ARE THINGS THAT NEED FIXED IN OUR OWN COUNTRY THAT YOU’RE INVOLVED IN, WHEN YOU DO A MISSION TRIP. So get off your high effing rocker. If you’re still confused on what I’m referring to, most churches go on mission trips, like to Africa, and help towns out, that have poverty issues, or motherless children that have AIDS or something like that. But there’s still homeless people from Katrina in America. There’s still too many homeless veterans. And people who have AIDS, or similar issues, aren’t even touched in America, while you’re willing to spend how much money to effing travel to another country for the same issue you wouldn’t dare touch on while at home? But you’re gonna bitch about a company deciding that they don’t want to be associated with such a hypocritical organization? I don’t blame Starbucks.

Sure, we need to go back to traditional values, and what we were when we started as a country, and big corporations need not to monopolizes so badly (And that’s my biggest issue with Christianity. It’s not a faith anymore, its so industrialized it’s corrupted), but that won’t happen until people stop complaining about petty crap like a coffee cup, and getting so offended at anything that calls you out on your same crap.


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