Hypocritical Beliefs

Prepare yourselves. Today, I’ve decided to write my personal opinions of something that has been talked about time and time again. Religious beliefs and giving your higher power absolute credit for things. Let me start by saying that I am Agnostic, and was raised under a Christian household. I do not hold anyone against their own personal beliefs, because it is simply that.

Let’s get to the point: My long time issue with faith, especially people of faith, more so than the faith or its text itself, is the fact that people give absolute credit for things to their higher being, and not to those who worked for it, or physically performed the things. Let me explain: the easiest example in the book is surgeries. Most people give credit to the doctors, nurses, and other staff for the surgery. But I see time and time again (being surrounded by heavily dedicated churchgoers), that all the good of it, comes from “god” and that he was the mastermind behind the surgery. Never the doctors and nurses and surgeons who went to great lengths to perform such maneuvers, when taking into consideration that they went to school for it, being however many years, let alone the financial burden of schooling, and keep in mind that by working for your needs, they are still paying off (most likely anyways) those student loans, let alone trying to cover other living costs. I’ve never once seen a person give both their god credit, and the surgeons and nurses the same credit.

To add to my agitation on the subject, if something goes wrong, the same people who are giving god or whoever all the credit, turn to the surgeon for a finger to point. That I feel is very hypocritical. Sure, there’s instances that the surgeon or a nurse may have not done something correctly. That isn’t what I’m referring to. Most commonly do I see people who didn’t do their follow ups, or do them correctly, or did things that they knew they were not supposed to do, and something goes wrong, do I also see a correlation on the aspect that they or their loved ones blame the medical field. “We should be farther advanced in the medical field”. “It’s 2016, not 1985, we shouldn’t have to do these things”. There are certain things that are tried and true, and most things of that shouldn’t be re-looked at, because of the losses we’d face, in regards to finding “better alternatives”, just so you can go do whatever thing that made the surgery take two steps back.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do what makes you feel more at ease (within reason), but at the same time, not giving credit where credit may be due, and possibly turning around and incorrectly pinning someone in a hypocritical fashion, is something we shouldn’t have in 2016, just like what we hear so commonly about other things. It’s the 21st century, and we shouldn’t be so childish when we’re adults.


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