(Un)Focused Friday

This is something that just sparked my brain, as today for some odd apparent reason, along with natural hormones as a female coming into play, my mental issues and progression come to a stand-by. I wanted to write about it, to help me push through it, and it seems to already be helping.

I first thought I wanted to start a Focused Friday segment, focusing on something different each week (like I really focus on any real theme here on this site, let’s be real). But as I wanted to focus on shedding some insight to the mental illness that is wanting to plague my morning, which is really the rest of my day, I find myself somewhat unfocused. That’s where my title came from.

Who knows how long this somewhat series will last, but I want to use it to help me blog during my work week. Fridays are the middle of my work week. I start my work week Wednesday night, and end it Monday morning. I’m getting decent about posting during my nights off, but any good blog isn’t a weekend blog. Plus, it’s not fair to my readers that I barely post anything. It also doesn’t serve having a blog anyhow.

What in part made my last blog fail, was I thought by setting up a rigid schedule of what days would signify what type of blog post I would have, would draw me out too much in all reality, and it set me up to fail. And guess what? It did. I failed-horribly. But I learned. And I have some readers on here. I have people who are interested in what I’m posting, whether or not it’s the same people, I have no real clue. But I’m just happy you’re here.

Now, where do I start on what initially I wanted to talk about. For some reason, my energy is so haywire today, and to be quite open, it came almost out of nowhere. It’s a struggle to not just say f*ck it and just hit publish right now. But I feel the need to push on, and shed some light on something I need to address within myself. Now I won’t go into grave detail or anything, but I will say this: it’s not as easy as just telling yourself that you’re overreacting over just a bum day, or being drained because your body is having a time of the month episode. I wish it was, and I wish those without a struggle would be able to grasp this. For that matter, I wish some people WITH these kinds of issues would grasp it, as “your life isn’t as bad as mine was/is” or whatever else.

Sure, I’ve had a “pretty easy life”, but I’m no elitist or rich fool. I was taught to ask and want within reason, and for the most part, I got what I wanted because of it. But I’ve also learned over the past several years, you can’t have everything that you reasonably ask for, no matter who you ask it from, or how well off you may have been, or may be for that matter. I’ve learned that the best things out of life AREN’T free, but are either things you can’t buy, and are gifted, or something you’ve invested time into getting, whether you work to afford it, or work to achieve it.

Yet having this “pretty easy life”, how can people say that mental illnesses DON’T play apart in nearly every walk of life? That’s something I feel we will always be contemplating. I don’t think there is an end all be all approach, because everyone reacts to different methods, well, differently.



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