Desires to Travel

So I know this is a week overdue, and I have no excuse. I’m making no excuse now, as I’m writing this with a head cold. Anyways, I am back, and writing this blog post, about traveling. I did some polls on my twitter (@power_gingy) and got some nice feedback, let alone some actual input on where some good places to go would be. Now most of you who follow me on twitter know me decently, so it’s not too hard to figure out where or what I might be interested for feedback.

Through my polls, I found that most of ya’ll who responded, have traveled, and it hasn’t been just once, which is great! I’m glad to know that I can tweet something in the future, and someone could help me. I did notice that the people who responded to my “where would you go first or next?” question, are a lot like me. Most of them want to travel through Europe or the Mediterranean area.

Now, figuring that I’d probably be traveling alone, I did ask if anyone had or was interested in doing a solo trip, and kind of how they liked it or didn’t. Those that had done a solo trip, liked it (no bad responses whatsoever!) and a good bit were interested in doing a solo trip, but hadn’t yet. Personally, I don’t know what I’d be doing or going on my next trip, but I know it’ll be a short one, a few days at most.

I’m glad to see that I got a good bit of feedback, whether through the actual polls, or the couple who responded to the polls. One day, I’ll have enough money saved back to travel, and you can bet I’ll be sharing my experiences once I get back!


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