Try Things Thursdays

As a part of my “get back into blogging” thing, that I started yesterday really, Thursdays are for me to express my trial tuesdays, where I really write it for Thursdays, because why not do T things on T days? For the record, if you’re wondering about it all, I currently have Monday nights and Tuesday nights off (I work night shift), so most of my “trial and error” things, happen during those days, and if I do anything fun, unless on a set vacation, occur on those days. Also, Tuesday posts are going to be Tarot Tuesdays (wink wink, for Tuesday’s post).

So for Try things Thursday, I made homemade pizza dough. I posted all I’ve made so far, from the recipie I found on pinterest (@powerginger101), on my insta (@power_gingy). I made a pepperoni and 3 cheese pizza for babe, a veggie pizza for me (my go to, really…I do different things each time, I swear), and I know babe loves a pepperoni bread roll, so I tried that. Now the pizzas turned out great. The veggie pizza I usually make, usually turn out soppy-soupy, but this turned out perfect. The pepperoni bread roll thing, could’ve used maybe 20-3o minutes more of baking, as it wasn’t as crisp as I wanted, and grant it, it could’ve used much more pepperoni, so baking time, to compensate for grease added from the pepperoni.

I know this is short, and I think these will be, for the Try things Thursdays, as it’s very to the point. But here’s a start. Look around on my pinterest, insta, and here (more future) for stuff to make and bake! I can’t wait to add all over, to what I like, what could use some help/tweaking, and what I can’t work with.


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