Trump Tuesdays: His first 48 Hours

As we all know (I talked about it last week, here), we now have a President Donald Trump. He was inaugurated on Friday, January 20, 2017, just before noon, EST. He accomplished some things between all the events that day, like the executive order over Obamacare (Affordabe Care Act really). That was a huge thing he had going for him, to become elected, so I’m glad to see that he started early with that. The rest will be a wait and see game, for the tear down of the ACA. Also happening during his few spare moments, our new Vice President, Mike Pence, swore in our new Secretary of Defense, General Mattis, and our new Secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly.

Mattis needs no introduction, but I feel like since I hardly know anything about John Kelly, I’ll give him a proper introduction, the best I can. John Kelly was born in Massachusetts, mid-1950, and served in the USMC, and wedded his wife, Karen Hernest, in 1976. They have a son together, who passed away in 2010, during his service in Afghanistan. The US Department of Defense‘s biography article covers his military and some educational journey.

Kelly seems to have some actual sense, especially regarding one of Trump’s largest claims, of a border wall. From a Washington Post article, posted the day of the inauguration of Trump and Pence, Kelly has said to the Senate, that the physical, literal wall won’t do much, but things more tactical, like supplying border control/security with drones, which this NY Times article, from days before the general election, basically says it’s too costly to compensate drones for actual border patrol people.

One issue that I see, in the issue of supplying drones instead of actual staff, is something like what is explained in this article. I understand Kelly’s means of trying to help, and yes, the wall wouldn’t do much more, than what we have now, overall, without the actual man power, securing our “wall”.

Moving on from cabinet picks, PBS posted today, this article about the 10 executive orders that Trump has signed in so far. Like I said at the beginning of this post, he signed in the ACA issue, where agencies can waiver the ACA to their fullest extent, while over time, the new administration works on the whole dilemma. A regulation freeze has been put into effect, until his administration is set up and reviews it, or an agency that has been set up post-Obama, to review it as well.

Going on the same idea of freezes, a hiring freeze that was supposed to already be in affect, is now in effect. There is a slight open on it though, for military, and for critical public safety positions.

Another thing covered in that PBS article, that a lot of conservatives love: funding (or now lack there of) for organizations that provide abortions, which is a great targeted aim to Planned Parenthood. I’m going to leave my opinion out of this article, for it’s honestly a good other article. I will write about it tomorrow, actually, so look out for that post! Trump also withdrew from anything TPP related.

Some things, from the PBS article, that don’t have great specifics, is things like Pipelines that have been in a standstill for awhile now, like the Keystone Pipeline and the DAPL. BBC released articles on each, on why both the Keystone PL and DAPL is such a controversy. An extension off of the previous, Trump wants to keep hires American, but no specifics there either. Infrastructure is also a key thing with Trump, with really nothing released yet. The last thing posted in this PBS article, is over environmental review and regulations, which is the newest thing, and also has very little information.

From this Time article, Trump wants to discard a lot of “liberal darling” projects (17 of them according to this article), to help cut spending, but at the same time, beef up military spending (but this was already set in place, and approved in December), and also not cut entitlements. I will give him props there. Everyone seems to be forgetting, and really freaking out, over the fact that “but it’s not actually getting rid of any spending”. He’s a businessman, and compensating. He’s cutting one thing, to add another, more important thing. Just like you’d budget your pay, while seeing you’re short on money, and still want to spend for Christmas gifts. What do you do? You skip your dinner out, or make coffee at home for a week or two, to get those presents you want to get your kids.

Now that is a lot to take in, and I took a good bite, out of what Trump has done in a couple days. I’ll be back next week, to touch base on anything out of here, to expand on it, and add to what Trump is doing as his administration is coming along.


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