Sabbath Saturday: Worshiping the Inner God(dess) Within

Here I am, back for another Sabbath Saturday. This time isn’t a reading out of my lovely tarot deck, but more a look inwards, for all of us, without the use of tarot cards. Although I’ve only half finished reading this month’s book, I’ve come across a lot of inward points, where I am drawn to a round about phrase of “Worship the goddess within you”.

If you haven’t read the post detailing what this month is for me, go take a minute to read it, jump down about 3-4 paragraphs, and there you go. I’m reading the Power of Now, which a lot of people have recommended in my mastermind group on Facebook, when we first started it. I know that I’ve been longing to grow in my spirituality, and boy has what I’ve read so far, has been nothing short of sparking some concepts into this soul!

I know that this is half spoiler alert, on a half book review, but I find this concept so powerful, I can’t simply get it off my mind without sharing my thoughts, feelings, and anything else with you guys. The book is all about the now, the present moment, and the fact that we have everything we need to “get woke”, and be the spiritual person we’ve sought after for so long, some even decades of our lives.

With this pure way of a spiritual awakening, I can’t help but start to admire the goddess within me, for sticking around. She’s been there patiently waiting for me to come around, and say “I’m ready now”, like a scared kid, wanting to go on that ride, waiting in line, but not going on.

I know it’s different for everyone, finding your spirituality. Everyone has their own paths, even if they just stick to the same old same old, that they grew up with, and not rebelling. They don’t make it their own, which is to me, sad, to say the least.

Spirituality, like thought, should be your own, and at your own choosing, and with your own quirks in tow. We all have a god or goddess within, patiently waiting on us to say that it’s finally time.

I know this is so sparatic, as I’m writing this with no real direction, other than just the lust to get it out, and to share it with ya’ll.


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